Join us

Why Join?

The benefits of becoming a KUCGS member are endless! You’ll get:

To join all you need to do is get your self on the the KUSU website and click “Join this group”, login and pay your £3 membership.
You’ll receive a welcome email from us and your first newsletter within a few days. Then the fun begins! As a fully-fledged KUCGS member, you can use us as much as possible. Pop down to the workshops, get involved with the online projects, activities and forums and keep an eye out for all upcoming internal/external events.
For any society-related questions, you can speak to Carla, the Union’s Societies Coordinator.

Points to note:

You don’t have to be a current Kingston University student to join us: KU staff members and alumni are also welcome. (Please note, if you have never been a KU student, then unfortunately you are not eligible to join.)

Even if you’re not studying an IT/Computing Course or working within the profession, it doesn’t matter! All are welcome as long as you have some sort of interest!

The Students’ Union sets a minimum fee of £3 for all students to join a society. Even though a lot of societies charge £5 we have decided to keep the cost as low as possible so KUCGS is accessible to as many people as possible.