About us

We are the first and only Computer Society at Kingston University. We were set up by passionate individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the computing industry.

Our goal and ethos is to teach KU students essential transferable skills that are useful and relevant, not only in today’s working industries but in everyday life too. Our focus is to empower people from all degree pathways that would not otherwise have access to free training outside the scope of their degree.

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We have held many huge events which you can read about here, and hold regular workshops and courses, which you can get involved with here. Our plans for the future are attending and facilitating bigger and better conferences and seminars and for all our members to start networking within the industry, be it for future placements, building a career whilst at university or just getting involved in the scene.

We support public education initiatives that show that IT/Computing is about far more than just using a PC. A particular focus of ours is championing careers in IT/Computing to school children and addressing the current problems with finding industry-based employment after leaving education.

Don’t forget to connect and chat with us on Facebook - join our group of 650+ Computer Geeks today! If you have any technical or general computing / computer-related problems or questions you’re sure to get all the help you need, or you can just pop in and geek out with the best.

And don’t forget – you don’t have to be studying a computer-related course to get involved with us. We have loads of members from unrelated faculties, and even have a host of staff members and alumni registered with us. We are here to open the doors into a fast-paced world that almost every sector now relies on, build skills to make you more employable, promote networking opportunities and most of all have fun.

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